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Patient Satisfaction

Following surgery at Surgical Specialty Center of Baton Rouge, our patients are asked to tell us about their satisfaction with all aspects of their stay. Our patient satisfaction measurement program is conducted by Press Ganey Associates, located in South Bend, Indiana. Press Ganey is the health care community's top measurement and improvement company. Press Ganey mails questionnaires to a randomly selected sample of patients, after discharge from the hospital.

SSCBR participates in two surveys with Press Ganey: Ambulatory Surgery and Inpatient. The Ambulatory Surgery survey is mailed to randomly selected patients discharged the same day of surgery. The Inpatient Survey is mailed to randomly selected patients who stayed at least one night following their surgical procedure.

 Surgical Specialty Center received the Press Ganey Summit/Guardian of Excellence Award in 2012, 2013, and 2014 for their Inpatient Satisfaction scores.

 The Guardian of Excellence Award (formerly the Summit Award) is given to organizations who have achieved the 95th percentile or higher for the composite Overall Rating based on the standard Press Ganey Quarterly Reports during the course of the award year (May-April). Client peer groups are determined based on the information in the demographic profile. To be eligible, clients must participate in one of the targeted award peer groups, meet minimum guidelines based upon the targeted peer group and be actively surveying for the entire reporting period. Data are reviewed from standard quarterly reports delivered between May– April of the award year.

For Inpatient, we will also consider facilities that have sustained top box score rank of 95th percentile based on quarterly data for the year. The quarterly rank must be at the 95th percentile or above for every quarter in the timeframe. Winning facilities must be publicly reporting their HCAHPS data and have a minimum of 300 completed surveys (120 for small hospitals) during the award year. 

More information regarding SSCBR’s HCAHPS data can be found at